Sunday, October 30, 2011

Of Scholarship

Scholarship is great and is like an expanding flower

Pandityam nava pallavam vikasitham pushpam prayogajnatha

In order to have scholarism graced, one should strive hard to gain it. It is said that the hard work done by the scholar is known only to the scholar ! How can others know it ?

The scholar and the world, the endless strife
The discord in the harmonies of Life
The love of Learning, the sequestered nooks
And the sweet serenity of Books
The marketplace, eager love for gain
Whose aim is vanity, whose end is pain !

Vidwaneva Vijanathi
Vidwajjana parishramam
Na hi vandhya vijanathi
Gurveem prasava vedanam !

How can others know the work hard
Which the scholars have indulged in ?
Like a barren woman who cannot know
The pain of delivering !

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