Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Alpha Numeric System of Mathematica Indica


Known as Paral Sankhya, the Alpha Numeric System was developed by Vararuchi. It is also known as Katapayadi, as 1 represents the letters Ka, Ta, Pa and Ya, whose corresponding digit is 1.

Number Letters

1 ka ta pa ya
2 kha tta pha ra
3 hu da bha la
4 gha da ba va
5 nga na ma sha
6 cha tha sha
7 chha dha sa
8 ja dha ha
9 jha ddha
0 nja na ksha

The Value of Kaa ki ku ke and ko was 1

31 was represented by Kala

Kala is ka + la = 31 ( The digits are counted from the right )

and 351 by Kamala
Kamala = ka + ma + la = 351
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